How to Pick the Perfect Fitness Merchandise Items for your Members

How to pick Fitness Merchandise

Every single fitness center has a different vibe and feel to it, but everyone is there for the same macro reason: they want to kick ass and get in shape. The is the beauty of running a gym, you are promoting health and fitness. The good thing about having health conscious customers is you can always go deeper with it. If you run a fairly new gym and haven’t already noticed, your customers have certain fitness items they use: Bags, headbands, shoes, sports bras, locks, protein shakers and much more. How can you help your members be surrounded by what they would want to buy anyway? Read below on how to pick the best fitness merchandise or promo products for fitness operation.

What key services does your gym offer?

Is there a pool at your gym?

Nearly every gym has a cardio section and a weight section. However, some gyms are all-in-one’s, which means they have a basketball court, a pool, a yoga room and a gymnastics room. Of course the list goes on – we have all seen huge gyms either on TV or in person. The point is, if you know that your gym has more people coming for one type of workout than most, you can cater specific merchandise to them. For example, if you have a large number of Yoga members at your gym, consider selling branded yoga mats. If you have a ton of basketball players coming to use the hoops than sell headbands and sweatbands with your gyms logo. The goal here is to help your customers out by aligning your merchandising goals with your members need.

What type of merchandise / supplements do your members use?

There are some items that everyone will use, such as a nice custom water bottle with your logo on it. However, in most cases it is easy to figure out what type of merchandise the people who frequent your gym would use if you are just a bit observant. People lift a ton of weights? You better have protein shakers, weightlifting belts, gloves, protein bars, and more. People running a lot? Buy sweatbands, compression suits. Swimmers? Goggles, bathing suits, caps. Are you getting the idea here? Finding merchandise your members will buy is actually not too hard.

What type of merchandise / supplements would these people use?

This question requires a little bit more thought and research, but can pay off big if you decide on the right new products for your gym’s customers. An example of this type of merchandise would be noticing that 78% of your members are female, because of this you invest in a new kind of protein bars that made specifically for women. This may indeed have a better return than a protien bar that is “for everyone”. You can go really deep with this to pick some creative merchandise and yeild some big returns.

But, I only have 2 locations? Would it really be worth it?

Great question. Let me ask you another one. Do you have a website? You can cator to customers online as well as at your location. Powerhouse brands in the fitness world like Rogue Fitness are currently utilizing this tactic. Selling your merchandise online gives you a whole other lane to generate revenue on!

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