How to Welcome New Employees


Onboarding employees are an important part of recruiting and retention. Be sure new employees feel welcome and equipped to begin their new jobs with confidence. Allow them a space and time to ask questions and get settled in. However, be careful not to isolate them because of their inexperience with the team. Here are a few ways to help employees feel at comfortable and ready to succeed in their new jobs.

Give Them a Personal Tour

Chances are employees were given a tour during the interview process, but things are different now. You’ll want to do more than show off your high-tech equipment and fully stocked snack bar. Make sure employees can find the restroom, the supply closet and mailboxes. Help them feel comfortable finding offices and desks of key team members. Then, make sure they can find these places on their own, from their new desk or the conference room.

Match New Hires with Mentors

One of the top ways to keep new hires and get them acquainted with their role is to assign them a seasoned mentor within their department. This way, as questions come up later in the first few weeks, the employee has someone to turn to for answers. Additionally, this mentor can help them establish communication throughout the department, get introduced to others on the team and have someone to check in with other than their direct supervisor. This formal, lateral relationship will make a huge difference in the comfort, confidence and productivity of the new hire.

Keep Current Staff Informed Of New Hires

It can be hard to be the new person. Don’t make it harder by keeping your staff in the dark. You don’t need to make a huge announcement or hold a meeting for all new employees but make sure the entire staff is aware of new employees, their roles and their start dates This will help avoid uncomfortable “who are you again?” conversations in the lunch room. Encourage current employees to take time and introduce themselves to the new employee and share information about their role within the company.

Provide Them with Office Swag

Promotional products aren’t just for attracting new clients or customers. Branded items can be used to personalize the office, connect employees and create a sense of brand loyalty within the company.

Provide each employee with a mug, pen or notebook with the company’s logo. Many employees will need and expect these items, so why not give it a touch of personality and marketing?

Be sure all new hires havetheir own items, too. This way, they’ be set with the supplies they need to get to work. And they’ll start to feel familiar with the team and the brand.

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