Ice Cream + Architecture = Matchbox

matchbox promotional item

Everyone loves ice cream. Everyone loves architecture. What happens when you put the two together with a matchbox? You get Coolhaus – architecturally inspired ice cream.

The co-owners Natasha Case and Freya Estreller set on a mission to make architecture and design more fun and accessible. How to do that? By putting home made ice cream between home made cookies and calling them “cool houses”. Thus, in 2008 a business was created.

How to get it off the ground?

Well, more like hitting the ground rolling was more of the strategy. The co-owners decided to take their business to the people so they bought a beat up postal van on Craigslist and towed it to the Coachella Valley Music Festival where they launched. That was the beginning of all things Coolhaus.

coolhaus ice cream truck

Since then, they’ve expanded to offer ice cream sandwiches, pints and bars with punny names from their national fleet of 10 ice cream trucks and carts, as well as scoop shops and distribution network in stores like Whole Foods, Kroger and Safeway. Quality is the #1 priority – Coolhaus uses the freshest, sustainably sourced ingredients possible with integrity and careful craft to make the best products for their loyal fans.

How does Coolhaus keep these loyal fans engaged and coming back for more? They give matchbooks to customers at their scoop shops, trade shows and in business development meetings and/or with VIP customers. “The matchbooks are great props for social media. They’re super memorable and have a campy, vintage look. Folks love the shiny material and simplicity of the design . . . not to mention the pun,” says Natasha. “

Check out these “flaming” pictures showing how Coolhaus used matchbooks that said “Ice Cream No One Can Match”:

Coolhaus Matchbox Promotional Item

matchbox promotional item

coolhaus matchbox promotional item

Craving one of these delicious treats? You can book one of the Coolhaus ice cream trucks year round in LA, NYC and Dallas. Perfect for activations, weddings or any special occasion. Visit a scoop shop which are always churning great desserts out, or find the nearest retail and product selection to you.


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