How Do I Increase Foot Traffic For My Retail Store?

A good amount of foot traffic means that people are constantly coming in, browsing and buying something from your store. It’s easy not to think about foot traffic when business is good; however, there will be times when your store may seem invisible to your customers. It doesn’t matter if you sell the best bottle of wines on your side of town; when customers aren’t coming in, nobody is going to believe it.

Traffic jam

Our goal today is not only to help you increase customer foot traffic to your store, but maintain those numbers as well. We’ve come up with several practical marketing strategies that are easy to implement yet wields lasting results:

Know your customers like the back of your hand:


  • What are my customer’s mean age group/gender? This question will help you formulate customer centered brochures, flyers, ad campaigns, etc.
  • What other areas do they frequent? See if you can team up with any of these establishments and share customer love! If you own a cupcake shop, tell customers that they can get a discounted cup of coffee from your partner establishment few blocks away and vice versa.  974217_10151935402150505_1360554396_n
  • What time of day do they usually come in? Schedule special deals or discounts during your store’s down time to encourage a steady flow of customers throughout the day.

Sponsor a Cause. You may notice how Cause Marketing always seem to come up in this blog. It’s because it’s never a bad idea – partnering up with a cause that is dear to your heart and raising money for them. In turn, they help you out by sending their supporters to your store (new customer alert!) in addition to giving your store a positive image in your community.  

Look for other ways to create a buzz. Aside from milking your social media pages for what they’re worth, there are also other community events that can give your business a buzz. Every once in a while consider hosting a book club, community meeting or classes in your store. You can also look into sponsoring fundraisers for schools or causes where you can donate giveaways with your logo on them.


Design a killer store display. Go outside for a moment and evaluate your store display as a customer. If you were walking past your window, would it spark your curiosity enough to go inside? Ask your staff for some ideas or better yet, hold an online contest where customers can submit their own window designs.Your window is what your customers see first, so it’s important that it conveys how great your products/services are!


So there you have it folks! We hope these practical tips will help you maintain good customer traffic flow for your business. 

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