Light Up Foam Batons for Nightclubs, Events & Concerts

Light up batons for parties

Light up batons at night clubs for EDM

If your an event planner for a nightclub or concert you know how chaotic it can be. Every second and every detail counts. It’s not only about getting the people in the door but it’s also about making sure everyone, including the performing artist, has the time of their life. One of the hottest new customizable products that we have for EDM (electronic dance music) is our light up batons. Handing these out at concerts has a really cool effect on the lighting and the overall experience.You will see people walking around with the glowing batons, waving them in the air and of course smacking each other with them! But don’t worry, they are just foam!

Social Media Impact & Souvenir

Perhaps the best thing about choosing these custom batons as your next promotional item is that they are highly visible in pictures and they make a great free gift to take home after a long concert night or vacation. Why is it relevant they show up in pictures well? Two words: Social Media. Or maybe just one, Instagram.  If you want your brand to be shown all over the web than it’s best to giveaway an item that can clearly shows off your brand. This is because people take TONS of pictures at events and nightclubs. Do you really want to miss out on all that free marketing? People may not put on your free t shirt, but they will carry around a sweet looking light up baton that reps your brand… count on it!

Next time you see Avicii, Tiesto or Calvin Harris you can bank on seeing light up sticks everywhere. Get some of your own! Give us a call at 1-877-287-9287 to customize your light up batons today!

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