Forget Me Not– A Smarter Approach To Business Cards

business card for business custom magnetic business card alternative

Business cards are an essential tool when meeting potential clients. Giving them your information can mean anything from gaining a new client to receiving a referral. Word of mouth can go a long way for your business and something as simple as a business card may allow for your business to be better known. Traditional business cards are items that may either place carefully into a wallet or placed carelessly into a purse. Unfortunately once they have been tucked away they are forgotten more often than not. As the old saying goes “Out of sight- Out of mind.”

Perhaps it’s time to take a new approach on the age-old paper business card and step into a more convenient and effective direction. Allow your clients to place your business card in a more visible place by giving them magnetic business cards. You can make them in a variety of sizes allowing you to make the statement you are looking to make. A magnetic business card can be placed conveniently on any metal surface: like the refrigerator, an office file cabinet, white boards, or even a locker. Putting the magnetic business cards on these surfaces will allow your clients to be able to have your information handy as well as visible- and being seen is the key point when it comes to business cards.

Any business type may benefit from a magnetic business card as they easily display all your necessary information without being hidden in a wallet and simply “slapped” on any metal surface. Whether you are a mobile dog grooming business, pizzeria, dry cleaner, lawyer, tutor, food truck, or have even got your own floral shop your business card Is sure to stay in a spot that will help them better see you. Getting started is the easiest part. Follow the instructions on the product page or give us a call. We are here and ready to help you start on your new venture.

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