7 Practical Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas for Your Restaurant

In many ways, Mother’s Day is just like Valentine’s Day. Think about it: flowers, good wine, cosmetic products fly off the shelves while dinner reservations and movie theaters are booked to the last seat. The buzz is understandable of course, being that this is the day that we commemorate the greatness (and craziness) that is our mothers.

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is coming up fast and we hope that you already have something special planned for your guests. If you need a little extra help, here are a few pointers and ideas you might find useful:

1. Expect things to be a little crazy a few days before the event with people trying to book last minute reservations. It’s a good idea to hire extra help on Mother’s Day to be able to deliver flawless service to all your guests. busy-kitchen-staff

2. Maximize your space. Be an angel and try to accommodate some walk-ins customers.  Customers will thank you for making them look good in front of their moms! Move a display aside or put extra seating outside your restaurant…just make sure everyone has enough room and privacy!

3. Give your customers another reason to choose your restaurant by hiring special entertainment for the evening. Acquire the services of an up and coming singer in your area, a live band, a string quartet or even a stand-up comedian.oberon-at-fredericks-2

4. Giveaways are always a grand idea! Think of items that will be useful for moms of all ages that care always on the go. We recommend personalized reusable canvas bags, coffee mugs or sweet treats! Design them with taglines such as World’s Best Mom, I’ve Got Best Casserole In Town or I’m Somebody’s Mom. Of course, it won’t hurt if you get your logo in there as well! phclee_-_orange_1_1

5. It’s time to show moms how special they are by treating them to:

  • Free dessert
  • Discounted drinks
  • Flowers
  • Giving away gift cards

6. Now is the time to test drive new items you’ve got cooking in your kitchen… Roll out a Special Menu for Mother’s Day. Who knows? New items may become favorites too!


7. Offer a special treat to guests who have booked early and let them send you a special video or photo message for their moms! Compile them and make a special presentation while your guests are enjoying their meals. It’s a thoughtful gesture on your part and will surely be the icing on top of a great evening!

We hope we gave you some great ideas to celebrate this special occasion with your dear customers. Happy Mother’s Day!

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