How To Get Excitement For Your Employee Wellness Program

how to get excitement for your employee wellness program

You’ve put together an employee wellness program. You care about your employees. You want everyone to be healthy and well. How do you create excitement for your company’s employee wellness program?

Consider involving employees in your employee wellness program planning by developing a health board with employees from each department. This gets involvement and engagement from all departments and can even get teams/departments motivated to stay healthy.

Start with basic goals such as completing at least a half hour of physical activity a day, 6 days a week and/or drinking 64 ounces of water each day.

How can you get employees energized to achieve these goals?

By setting reachable goals and providing employees with everyday items they can use that focus on their wellness. Here’s some examples:


employee wellness programPEDOMETER

Everyone will love wearing a custom printed pedomoter that has your name and/or logo on it.

It easily clips onto clothing so it can track steps all day long.

When employees see how many steps they’re taking, they’ll be motivated to take even more. And they’ll be reminded of your company’s support of their health with the branding on the pedometer as well.


custom printed water bottle



Everyone knows it’s important to drink lots of water every day.

The best way to reinforce that message is to give employees a custom printed water bottle.

You can put your logo on these items to keep your brand top-of-mind. And don’t be surprised if you find that staff are still using their water bottles weeks and years later. With something like a water bottle, the employee will keep it in front of them, making it easy to remember to fill it, drink, and achieve their goal.




custom printed balloons



What do balloons have to do with an employee wellness program?

A lot! You want to keep the excitement and momentum going, right?

Balloons are a great – and inexpensive way – to keep the message flying high (no pun intended).

Custom printed balloons with your name, logo and/or the name of your employee wellness program will keep spirits high.



Wellness Program Incentives

Everyone loves to be recognized and rewarded. Consider incorporating rewards for workers that reach their goals by letting them pick from a wide range of physical fitness items such as fitness center bags, yoga exercise mats, workout tools and other gifts that focus on the theme.

Using promotional products for your wellness program keeps the attention and focus on wellness front and center – reminding everybody how important their health and wellness is to the company and also rewarding them for a job well-done!

Join the Conversation:

How are you using promotional items in your wellness program? How have you met your business’s wellness objectives? Share in the comments below.

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