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You can’t live without it; it’s the most magnificent thing you will ever taste; It’s the only thing that gets you going in the morning; you wish you could write books about it; it’s all you dream about; it’s all you think about until your next cup; Coffee. Sorry, was that too much? Got a little bit carried away there. Well we all know how great it is to get up and smell the wonderful smell of coffee, sometimes it’s the only real motivator in the mornings. While traveling all coffee aficionados thrive to find the best coffee/café joint around. Whether you are in Seattle comparing cup after perfect cup or are in France in the local’s favorite mom & pop shop venturing for new treats or trying a new and bolder taste; coffee has become one of the most loved beverages across countries. Although I largely believe that great quality coffee should be available 24 hours a day.

What is it that makes your favorite coffee shop, your favorite coffee shop? Do you seek a more high class café with doilies set on the table? A high tea style coffee shop if you will. What about one of those indie feeling music based coffee shops with down to earth people, live music, and a great lounging area? Maybe you prefer the little hole-in-the wall joints with the best Americano coffee you’ve ever had. Ambiance is such an important thing and it will determine who comes into your establishment.
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With that thought in mind you have to think of all the subtle things that will go noticed and will make a difference. Presentation is key and absolutely important! I mean have you seen the Latte Art that some Cafés are presenting nowadays? It’s some really cool stuff and they even hold competitions for it! The incredible talent it takes to make some of these incredible pictures in your cup of mud is crazy. It almost makes you sorry for drinking it—not really though. 😉

No matter the style; your of coffee shop or café remembering that the way you present your hot and steamy beverages will be remembered by the consumer. Branding mugs, napkins, and even coasters with your logo will take you a step ahead of the game and keep you from being generic. No one likes generic. Go for a new type of coffee mug. Maybe try a clear one that will show off the gorgeous color of your beverages, or a double wall mug that will be kind to the fingers that hold the hot mugs. We offer a variety of mugs that will be great and 100% customizable and high quality. Don’t forget to offer to-go paper cups as well as travel tumblers for those who are feeling environmentally friendly.
Here at Custom On It we like to make sure our customers getexactly what they are looking for. So if you are in the process of opening a new café or are looking for new products to change up the look of your coffee shop; then just give us a call and we will be happy to help you by making suggestions or giving you the best product to fit within your budget!

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