3 Reasons our Embroidered Sweatbands are Better

High Rated Logo Sweatbands

Kind of  a bold statement to make? Well, much like Amazon started in solely as an online bookstore, we started years ago by only selling custom cotton wristbands, headbands and armbands.  After years of research, selling and refining we are always prepared to have a conversation about quality, material standards, etc. when it comes to embroidery / logo application on sweatbands.

1. You will not feel the stitches on the inside

Unlike other companies, we do not embroider through the bands. Why does this matter? Simple – you do not want whoever is using the sweatbands (customers, press, employees) to feel the inner workings of the logo application. The reason most companies embroider through the wristbands and headbands is because it is much easier than the way we do it. How do we do it?

No Stiching on Inside of Sweatband!

In order to meet our quality standards we start out before the band is even put together with one piece of cotton material. We embroider your organizations logo on in the perfect position before we sew the material together at the seams. Since we sew the material back together there is no chance that you will feel the inner workings of the logo application. No more worrying about how they feel, party on!

2. Ultra Soft Cotton makes your Skin Sing!

One Inch Armbands Embroidered

With any product that we offer and especially wearables, we always take into consider how that product will feel when the end customer uses it. This is why years ago we set out to find the highest quality terry cloth cotton for our wristbands. We have experimented with Acrylic materials, jacquard materials and more. We finally settled on a unique mix of materials with ultra soft cotton which works perfect for a variety of different uses. The material absorbs sweat for athletes and feel amazing to general people if your giving these away at your next corporate event.

3. Durability – They Stand the Test of Time.

2008 is when we first realized our sweatbands were so durable. Embarrassingly enough, we shot a youtube video showing their strength by towing a car with them. So when we say we have the highest quality sweatbands, we aren’t just talking about how they feel or how the embroidery looks. We are talking about how tough they are! Unlike a lot of promotional items, you can wash these and use these many times with no harm to the band or its logo!

Back when we were STbands (a specialty sweatband company which is now CustomOnIt.com) we thought there may have only been a few types of organizations that wanted sweatbands. We were so wrong. We have worked with some of the most unique companies on some of the most unique events. From helping McDonalds cross advertise at a Texas A&M football game to having Richard Branson wear a sweatband we made!  If you want to customize your own sweatbands or something else don’t hesitate to contact us. Also, check out our arm sleeves, which are gaining popularity!

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