Promotional Items for the Music Industry – Turn up the Bass with these Creative Custom Products!

music promotional item ideas

Whether you are trying to push your new album, single or upcoming shows – it’s always good to have a trove of items customized with your logo on them. People love free giveaways, be it your album or a sticker on the way into a concert. Not to mention at these events people take TONS of pictures which they end up uploading to social networks for everyone to see. The right promotional item for your next music event could mean CRAZY exposure for your band or music company.

The best time to give out promotional products for music is during some sort of “launch” or “event”. The most common items in the music industry vary greatly by the genre – for example the type of giveaways at a rock concert will be very different from those at an electronic music festival.

Ideas for Rock Music Fans

People at a rock concert know how to get rowdy! We all love being there and jamming out to our favorite song. For all the energy that is at a rock concert we recommend items that are easily received by the fans such as custom guitar picks, sweatbands and more recently one inch silicone wristbands. All of these items are very inexpensive and can be thrown off stage to your crowds delight! There are also many other ideas for rock fans.

Ideas for Rap / Hip Hop

At a rap concert there is so much lyrical talent going on, you will need a custom giveaway that can keep up with the pace! Throw out custom headbands or slap bands – these are both items that can be customized in bulk at discounted pricing. Slap bands have especially been popular recently and they go well with any music crowd because they are something fun to play with / wear!

Ideas for Electronic Music Fans

EDM music is on the rise and it’s only getting bigger. Giveaways at nightclubs are becoming mandatory if you have one of the best DJs in town coming in. These ravers need something to keep the party going all night long – for this we recommend glow sticks and glow items in general . You can put your brands on our light up sticks and watch as they show up in tons of social media websites the next day – this is word of mouth advertising gold!

Orchestra Performances

Some of the most talented musicians in the world are found within an Orchestra. Often times people who are attending the event just get an itinerary – but crowds keep demanding more these days. Items people can wear like silicone bands and buttons are great at these events. They also help people remember the amazing music they heard at the event,  as sometimes it is too easy to forget.

Partnering up with a band or tour?

We have worked with thousands of companies that are sponsoring music festivals. Since every festivals is extremely different and unique we recommend you give us a call at 1-877-287-9287 so we can talk about your event and tailor your music promotional items for your event.

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