Promotional Products for Kids – Great Giveaway Ideas for Children

kids promotional products

Companies that plan events for their employees also often times have to make them family friendly. One of the best ways to do that is to make sure you have some awesome giveaways and games for the kids to play.

When it comes to planning your giveaways for children you really need to think first about the age group of the children and then immediately after how safe the items are for that group. If you are unsure you can always ask us.

Toddler Giveaways (1-3)

furry plush animal with branded logo

Our custom stuffed animals can be one of the safest giveaways (and also the most liked) for the toddler age group. We offer many different styles of plush animals and toys. Here is some advice on how to keep toddlers busy.

Preschooler Giveaways (Ages 3-5)

throwable toys

We often recommend throw-able toys / frisbees and sweets like cookies for ages 3-5. These both are cost effective and you can put your organizations logo on them.

Gradeschooler Giveaways (5-12)

logo sunglasses

For gradeshoolers you will also want to stick with fun toys and edible items. I would also add wearables like logo sunglasses and maybe children’s t shirts.

Teenage Giveaways and Beyond

When it comes to teens you have to worry less about safety and more about impressing them. Don’t let them intimidate you, it is easier than you think. This category of kids will be more impressed by events like tug a war, beach volleyball, etc. than they will by any product you can give them. That said, everything we mentioned above (aside from stuffed animals of course) will work just fine. Here are some great ideas to keep teens busy.

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