Promotional products for the hospitality industry


The hospitality industry includes a wide array of businesses and services that work together to transport, host and entertain vacationers all over the world in many settings. The opportunities to surprise and please guests are endless. With customized promotional products, you can be there for your guests and leave a lasting impression.

Hotels & Cruise Lines

There are several things a person needs during their stay that can easily be customized, items to keep them clean and organized as well as special treats to keep them happy. These are also items that guests can easily take with them, if encouraged to do so, after their stay has ended.

Transportation Giveaways

Often a company’s main goal is to get travelers safely and happily from home to vacation and back again. Between the taxi ride to the airport, planes, shuttles to hotels and boat or trolley trips at the destination, there are many occasions when guests are out and about, relying on businesses for transportation. Rather than simply getting them from place to place with little interaction, make their trip enjoyable and leave them each with something special to use on their trip, such as:

  • Sunglasses and hats are small and practical gifts for travelers. Plus, they may have forgotten their own at some point.
  • A travel-size calendar or notebook can be used to document their adventures.
  • Offer a water bottle to stay hydrated or flask to celebrate a great day exploring.

Theme Parks and Resorts

If you haven’t noticed by now, vacationers will get the most use out of smaller items that serve a purpose for their trip. It’s common to forget or lose sunglasses or hats, so having an extra available is appreciated. Likewise, travelers sometimes forget “housekeeping” items because their thoughts when packing are focused solely on sun, sand and adventures. Leave a laundry bag in their room, and they won’t have to worry about it where to keep their dirty clothes. Provide them with a small drawstring bag for carrying their phone, keys and wallet while exploring. Having complimentary water bottles handy, either reusable or recyclable, will keep your guests hydrated and happy throughout their stay.

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