Put a Smile on Faces with These 5 Fall Promotional Giveaway Items

full color coffee mugs

Fall is quickly approaching. It is a time of reflection on the summer and preparation for the coldness of the winter ahead of us! There are promo giveaway gifts that just work better during this time of year, here are 5 of our favorite fall giveaway items.

1. Coffee Mugs

full color coffee mugs

During the fall months people need a pick me up more than ever. Gifting people with a coffee mug with your logo will put a smile on your face and allow them to get that caffeine kick that they need! All the while you will be promoting your brand.

2. Hot Chocolate in Branded Paper Cups

custom hot drinks

There is nothing people love more as the weather starts to cool down than a nice cup of hot chocolate. The good news is, now you can make it fun for your whole company. Make hot chocolate and put it in our amazing paper cups that you can put your logo on. It adds a new level of greatness to your hot chocolate – because your brand is attached to it!

3. Branded Lip Balm

branded lip balm

This is an especially good giveaway for anyone in the health industry. If you have a conference in the fall or even the winter months, people love an extra chap-stick / lip balm for them or their loved ones. Our customers get creative with the sayings and logo they put on the lip balms which make it all the more creative.

4. Candy!

candy with half quart tin

Let us not forget about Halloween in October! A candy tin with your logo can be the perfect gift or giveaway for your employees, suppliers and top customers. Reward your people for a year will done and energize them for the fourth quarter.

5. Full Color Dipped Oreo Cookies

full color dipped oreo cookie

Even better than candy is gifting your people with cookies that have full color logos on them. Because there is no restriction on design, this means that you can get very creative. If you have a complicated logo or even want to use a photo it is not problem. This is one of our most popular giveaways during the fall and winter season.

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