Put Your Logo On Car Window Shades

car window shades with logo

Looking for a great giveaway for your next event or promotion? Look no further!

Automotive window shades are the perfect item to put your logo on if you are in an area with high sun exposure or have really hot summers. We offer different styles such as accordion, collapsible and even side window to keep out the sun.

People Use Them!

Sun shining

The one thing you have to worry about before purchasing any promotional items is whether or not people will keep using them (as opposed to discarding them). People love car sun shades because they are actually useful.

Perfect for…

Auto Dealerships

If you are running a sale this may be the perfect way to lure people in. Give them a free car window shade that has your logo and even if they do not buy, they will advertising your dealership on their windshield!


Give people an incentive to open up a checking account at your local bank by giving them a small gift when they do. Automotive sun shades are less expensive than most promotions and are a great sales tool.


Being based in Las Vegas, we understand that Casinos constantly need new gifts for their Players Clubs & raffles – this makes an inexpensive and perfect gift!

Gift Shops

Even if you are not giving windshield shades away you can brand them and sell them at your gift shop for a profit.

Any Automotive Affiliated Company

Whether you make tires, engines or batteries – any industry that comes in contact with the word “auto” could benefit from a giveaway like this.

Also see Custom License Plate Frames.

Need custom branding items for your organization? Get started here.

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