Put Your Logo on Foam Hands – Bring the Fun Out at your Next Event!

hang ten foam hands with your logo

Have a special event coming up at your company, organization or school? Any place that has a crowd will instantly benefit from foam hands and now you can put your logo on them!
logo foam hands

Bring out the Fun!

Some corporate events are just so boring. This is the case even at medium and large size companies. Part of the reason for this is people fail to plan. If there is an event on the calendar… Make it an EVENT. That means bring out the costumes, weirdness and swag!

hang ten foam hands with your logo

We have helped game shows and various TV productions use foam finger hands to bring their live events to life. Let us help you and your organization take your event branding to the next level!

Need custom branding items for your organization? Get started here.

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