Rally (Towels) for HIV Prevention in San Francisco

HIV Prevention Awareness Campaign

How do you create awareness for a safe and effective HIV prevention pill?

You “coast” into the areas where those at highest risk are and you “rally” their support.

OK, that wasn’t the greatest pun. But the results of this awareness campaign were great!

Better World Advertising needed something that would help their client, the San Francisco Department of Public Health promote awareness for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), a daily pill that’s a safe and effective way to prevent HIV amongst those at highest risk. The Department assesses and researches the health of the community, develops and enforces health policy to prevent disease and injury, educates the public and trains health care providers, as well as provides quality, comprehensive, culturally-proficient health services and ensures equal access to all residents.


Two promotional products were used in the campaign: bar coasters and rally towels. The bar coasters were distributed to targeted local LGBT bars and restaurants and the rally towels were distributed during two major LGBT street fairs in the effort to increase visibility for the campaign.

“Primarily considered ‘safe spaces’ for LGBT patrons, many bars in the city were the perfect venue to reach our audiences who are likely to visit the establishment for socializing and meeting new partners,” noted Manny Sanchez, Project Manager for Better World Advertising.

The coasters were well received as people shared images of them on Facebook and gained many positive comments:

HIV prevention awareness campaign


Two events in San Francisco where this at-risk audience was at gave even more opportunity to get the message out. The Folsom Street Fair, one of the largest leather/BDSM gatherings in the world, provided the ability to reach a large number of people about the campaign and the rally towels happened to be very useful on a day which ended up being one of the hottest in the city this year. “A portion of our towel order was also set aside for the Castro Street fair the following weekend,” added Manny, “and many people shared images of themselves with the towels in our photo booth for the day.”

HIV awareness with promotional products


Our clients are exclusively non-profit, NGOs and organizations devoted to promoting social causes. We’ve developed social cause marketing campaigns for a variety of health-related causes such as HIV/STI testing, anti-smoking campaigns, and many more. Better World Advertising loves working with vendors who can offer affordable and creative solutions for marketing promotions to meet our goals of creating change.

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