Real Estate Marketing Tools That Put You Ahead of the Competition

real estate marketing tools

Looking for real estate marketing tools that will put you ahead of the competition?

You’re a real estate agent who works hard for your clients. You put in tremendous time and effort to secure the right home for your buyers. You have a listing and want to sell the home quickly and profitably for your sellers.

Both buyers and sellers deserve one-of-a-kind promotional products to let them know you’re on their side with navigating what can be a difficult and confusing housing market. Having the right real estate agent at their side will ensure they get a great house at a great price, so the least we can do is ensure you get great realtor promotional products at a great price!

Here’s ideas of promotional products that will keep you front-of-mind in your real estate marketing:

Custom House Shaped Flat Plastic Cards with Sugar Free Mints
marketing tools for realtors


While business cards can be great giveaways, a custom house shaped flat plastic card – full of sugar free mints – are even better! Give your potential clients a house-shaped card with all your contact information. They are ideal because your potential client will take it with them where ever they go, keeping you front of mind. And when others see it they’ll find it so unique they may even contact you as well for their realty needs. This is a great promotional product to ensure your prospects and clients see your name every day of the year!


Custom Printed Chip Clips
custom printed chip clip

When you want to seal the deal (no pun intended), a chip clip makes a great promotional item. Everyone loves to get something free. Give away chip clips with your name, contact information, and an eye-catching graphic. They’ll stay in the kitchen for years. What could be better than a useful item that will make sure you’re front of mind when buyers and sellers think of who to call for their real estate needs?


Personalized Pens
custom printed pens


As a realtor, there’s tons of paperwork. So you can never have enough pens. May as well make sure the ones your buyers and sellers are holding have your name on it. Even though we all have drawers full of various pens, for some reason, we can never find one when we need one. That’s why pens are consistently popular promotional products. You’ll love our Saturn Finger Grip Pens because it comes in subtle-but-pretty colors and it writes beautifully. If you give someone a classy pen like that, they will be sure to remember you. Click pens, stick pens, and twist pens don’t vary much in price, but choosing the right one depends on your writing preference.


Key Chains

custom printed keychains


After you’ve sold someone their dream home, hand them their new house keys with a beautiful custom printed key chain attached to it. Homeowners will love the gesture and pass on the good word to their friends and family about how helpful you were in finding their new place! We have a variety of metal house key chains, that come in an antique brass, antique copper, or antique gold finish. If metal isn’t your thing, then you could go with a soft vinyl keychain.


custom printed tumblers



When you’re selling someone’s house, it’s always pleasant to have a nice hot pot of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate for your potential buyers during the open house. Give them a tumbler for their hot beverage and maybe they will consider purchasing the house, right on the spot! In the warm summer months, have lemonade or iced tea ready with an Acrylic Tumbler with Straw. There are tons of travel tumbler options!


Home and Office Products
custom printed piggy bank


Want to show off your creativity even more? Many home and office products could be easily targeted toward new home buyers or interested investors. For one, give your potential customers a piggy bank to save up for their down payment on a house. When they put money in the bank and see your logo, it will inspire them to give you a call when they are ready to take the big step into home ownership! You can always try handing out mints, stress balls, and mouse pads are other cool house-related promo items worth looking into.

All of these promo items are sure to impress anyone looking for a real estate agent to help them in the search to find a new home. Remember to include your company’s name and other vital contact information when designing your promotional products. It’s important to make sure you’re patient with first-time home buyers when they come around. Your extra effort will make all the difference in the world to them, and they’ll remember you when they’re in search of their forever home!

Which is your favorite real estate promo product? Are there any other promo products we didn’t mention, that would be great for real estate agents and brokers? Let us know in the comments below!

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