Recruiting Event? Make Sure They Remember you!

Recruiting Promotional Custom Items Ideas

If you are trying to attract new people to your school or company you need a good recruiting plan in place. Usually this revolves around either one or several events. Each of these events must get the point across that you are the clear choice among the many choices the individual has. Easy right?

Not so fast. Since many companies offer the same benefits and many school’s offer the same sort of perks, you need a way for people to remember you. Besides having a great presentation and environment for the actual recruiting event, we recommend using creative giveaways so people can easily remember you.

Unique Promotional Products for Recruiting Events

You faced with tons of options – put your logo on a pen, plate, bag, etc. Why not go with something unique? We have worked with many companies / universities to put their logo or catchy slogan on sweatbands, silicone wristbands, & Lanyards.

Each of these is unique but lanyards with your phrase can be especially powerful if you have a naming system (which you likely will) they will be wearing this all night and take it home with them. I personally have lanyards from conferences I went to years ago. Something at the time told me that this meant something. You’ll find, especially at the university level, that potential students really get attached to your offerings. It’s important to recognize this.

Job Fair Giveaways – Don’t Be Boring!

If you are trying to sell a fun working environment than give away fun promotional items that will help people remember your organization. At every job fair there will usually be around 5-10 people that will fit your organization perfectly. You need your presentation to be on point. Tell them about your benefits and why your company is different than others, tell this to everyone. Even if a candidate isn’t qualified they are just going to promote your company by saying to their friends “WOW, that company offers free massages on your break!”. That is just good word of mouth marketing. Make your recruiting events special with special giveaways.

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