Run a Gift Shop? These Products are “Must-Haves” for your Inventory

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Gift shop products normally fit into two categories – Promotional Merchandise (coffee cups, bottles openers, etc) & Perishable Products (candy, drinks, etc). Here is a list of the best selling merchandise that transcend your shops location.

1. T-shirts

t shirts for gift shop

A good, well thought out, creatively designed t shirt is the one item that anyone will buy. It is the definition of “must-have” when if comes to gift shop items. The trick with this one is to make the design appeal to people – the boring stuff will not sell nearly as well.

2. Coffee Mugs / Tumblers

custom tumblers for gift shops

Everyone loves new experiences and coffee, make the two connect with your very own branded tumbler. Whether your gift shop is located in a museum, aquarium or hotel these are still hot sellers. If you have a coffee machine you can offer further incentives. For example, buy a tumbler and get half off coffee for your entire stay at the hotel.

3. One Inch Silicone Wristbands (large wristbands)

1 inch silicone wristbands

These one inch wristbands came into popularity a few years ago and they show no sign of slowing down. Both these and slap bands have a great amount of space to put a clever design that will sell. These products are cheaper than the first two, so if you put them in the correct location they will sell like hot cakes.

4. Branded Water Bottles

custom water bottles

If you have a cooler you may want to consider branding your own water. On the surface it sounds like a waste of money, but its actually a powerful branding tool if you use the water bottles label correctly. Many gift shop owners have taken advantage of the high profit of bottled water during busy seasons.

Other Notable Mentions:

Ponchos if your in a Rainy Town

When tourism meets rain there is plenty of money to be made. If you have a gift shop in a good location that is out in the open, people will be flooding to you to buy ponchos to keep their vacation alive in light of the weather. We even customize umbrellas for this occasion too.

Bottle Openers / Koozies if your in a Party Town

If your gift shop is located in Las Vegas where you can drink on the street, koozies and bottle openers are must haves as well. Just like 1 inch silicone wristbands, these are both cost effective as well and you can make a high profit during busy seasons.

Stadium Seat Cushions for Sports Gift Shops

We offer a large selection of stadium seats and cushions that will sell amazing at any shop located in or around a stadium. These can even sell great online!

Thinking of new ideas for your gift shop can be tough let us help you out. Click the link below of give us a call!

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