Why Should You Sponsor A Pep Rally?

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Pep rallies are extremely exhilarating events -school colors plastered all over the gym and cheer leaders doing their best to get the crowd to rally behind a cause or a team. Drums banging, voices chanting, you can really feel the adrenaline and team spirit running through your veins!


 These events never fail to pump up the energy during a game when the home team is losing or boost donations for a local animal shelter. They are banking on making everybody feel like one invincible team for which anything can be achieved.

As a business owner, it’s important to take part in one of these every once in a while. Aside from reliving the adrenaline rush you felt back when you were still a student, sponsoring pep rallies have numerous positive impact on your business such as:

It creates a positive image

Some communities don’t hold back when it comes to team spirit… you can see the team colors or mascot plastered in almost every establishment in town. If you’ve established your business in a place that’s foreign to you, it’s important to get with the program. As they say, When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

 Show your support to the local team to show that you want to be part of their community. Residents will surely appreciate your efforts and return the favor by giving you their business.

An opportunity to market and advertise

Pep rallies are full of people in good spirits. Take advantage of everyone’s good mood and talk to people about your company. Ask the organizers if it’s possible to have a little kiosk at the event where people can learn more about your business.

If you are planning to sponsor giveaways, you put your company name and contact numbers in them as well. Just remember to be subtle about it… pep rallies are about the team or the cause and not you!

Here are other ways to show your support:

Give the team and their supporters some incentives from your store – anyone who walks in wearing the team colors or uniforms get special discounts or freebies. For example, you can give a free cup of coffee to anyone who walks in wearing the team colors from 2-4pm today and 6-8pm tomorrow. Make it fun!

Donate gear – Wearing the team colors will surely make anyone feel like they are part of the team. You can go with t-shirts, foam fingers or buttons . All of these have enough room for your ads as well.


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So what do you think? Are you ready to sponsor a pep rally?

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