Spring Moves Reminds Us All That Great Music is the Key to a Great Workout

The Spring Moves App Brings a Personalized Approach based on Science that will Blow you Away!

Spring Moves was founded by Mattias Stanghed, a serial entrepreneur and marathoner who realized the incredible power of music to make exercise more efficient and accessible for anyone – regardless of fitness level.

Last October they released the first version of their flagship music workout app which does something other music players just don’t do – music based on steps per minute! You may have other music applications that you use while working out, but trust me, they do not personalize the experience and curate specific songs based on your type of workout like this app does.

Using SPM to Fuel your Workout

Spring Moves picks songs based on the recommended BPM for your workout

We have all been there – you are about to workout so you start up the radio feature of your favorite music app. A few minutes later it plays some odd slow or ultra fast song that you just can not workout to. It is not so much that you don’t like the song playing, it is just not the right setting. This problem will not happen with Spring because once you tell it what type of workout you are doing it will personalize the music based on that specific activity. It’s nice to have an app that just caters to working out and not something that is one size fits all.

Map Your Workout & Share It

Map Spring Moves

Keep track of all your workouts and the songs that got you through them. You can also share this with your social network.

The Future of Spring Moves

Josef Saouan, Marketing Strategist at Spring Moves, tells us that this is just the beginning for Spring Moves. “We want to become a global fitness brand and make exercise and movement more accessible, and easier for everyone.”

One of their methods to engage with the running community and promote their brand is giveaways. “We hand out sweatbands and other giveaways to members of our running club in NYC,” explains Josef Saouan. “Every Friday we meet in Central Park and run with loudspeakers to music from the Spring app. We’ve also used the swag for rewards and challenges.”

Want to Run with Spring Moves in Central Park?

Spring Moves

As mentioned earlier, every Friday Spring Moves hosts a running club in Central Park. The whole run is fueled by amazing music from the iPhone app. Everyone is welcome to come and no registration is needed! Simply meet at 6PM at the Sheep Meadow opposite the Tavern on The Green. If you want to be part of something both positive and amazing, check it out!

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