Springfield College Celebrates School Strength and Spirit

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Homecoming – the time of year college kids across the country look forward to. It’s a week full of events, meeting alumni who came before them, and showing pure college pride

Springfield College, a private, not for profit institution in Springfield, MA  knows how to get everyone involved in the homecoming tradition. Their mission is to educate the whole person in spirit, mind and body for leadership in service to others.


For the past 15 years, Springfield College has facilitated a Rope Pull during halftime of the Homecoming football game.

This fun event pulls back the tradition when sophomores used to pull against the freshman class for the first-years right to not wear their “beanies” for the rest of the year. All freshmen were issued beanies on their first day of freshman year to distinguish them and until mid-century they had to wear them on campus their entire freshman year.

During half-time, students from each class wear custom headbands and pull against each other; first to go are the freshman vs. sophomore and then juniors vs. seniors

custom headbands springfield college

As you can see this is serious, but fun stuff. Today it’s a modern twist on an old tradition and the winning classes from the first two contests pull against each other to see who is going to take on the effervescent and always loud and proud alumni team:

custom headbands springfield college

“The Rope Pull is a tradition that dates back many years and we wanted to give the students something that was “one size fits all” that would be a visual marker and keepsake for the students from each class who were going to be participating in the activity,” stated Deleney Magoffin, Associate Director, Alumni Relations.

Each headband had a different color scheme that combined the College’s colors including maroon, white and gray.

“We found the headbands to be WAY easier than trying to hand out t-shirts and worrying about sizes,” Deleney noted, “And if we have extras, they can be used year after year until the class graduates.”

If you’re sweating over how to use promotional products to make Homecoming – or any event – fun and memorable, take a lesson from Springfield College in how they used headbands to create a fun and memorable event.


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