The Best Tech Tradeshow Giveaways

Best Trade Show Giveaways

Best Trade Show Giveaways

Tech Custom Promotional Items

Selecting the best items to rock a brand’s logo is serious business. It gets even tougher in the hyper-innovative and fast growth tech world. Showing up to a tech tradeshow with less than your best giveaways will put you at a disadvantage.

The first thing to keep in mind: is the item functional? Make sure your intended audience can make use of the item. Otherwise, they’ll pass right by or throw it away after it’s forced into their hands.

Second, find an item that relates directly to your industry or service. Opting for sports gear when the company is promoting its stellar cloud services doesn’t quite add up. Keep in mind the type and quality of the item will speak directly to the logo displayed on it.

Small but powerful

Seeking a useful, but out-of-the-way item? Try a lanyard; perhaps with a bottle opener for the tech show happy hour. Another simple option is a tablet pouch that can be slipped onto the device and into the bag seamlessly.

Organization is key

Phone stands, cleaning clothes or a customized mouse pad are staples at any desk to keep employees organized. And they’re still small enough to slip in a pocket or goodie bag at the trade show, without weighing you down.

Top-notch tech gear

If you’re serious about making and impression (and perhaps a few friends) offer a fresh set of ear buds or headphones because their own are likely to get misplaced at some point during the event. Not only will they be happy to have a second pair on hand, your logo will be at the center of the heroic act!

Likewise, everyone needs an extra phone charger. Or two, or three. Pass out customizable portable chargers and wall ports and you’ll become a crowd favorite in no time.

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