The First Big Advertising Mistake Many Small Companies Make

When you are a growing company there is tons to worry about and even when those things seem under control you have even more coming at you – taxes, business licenses, things you would have never imagined existed. It’s important during this time to stay hyper focused on your goal. Your first goal above all should be to grow your brand identity.

Make Sure You Have Packaging!!

It doesn’t matter what product or service you are selling, it better be wrapped up nicely in something that promotes your brand. No one wants generic when they are paying for a brand, the only way a generic brand even gets noticed is by hanging around the big guys. So the first big mistake many growing companies make is they forget about the packaging, because it is an advertising tool in itself. On top of all the other amazing-ness you have to do, the package has to look stunning. If we walk through a supermarket as an example, we are immediately drawn toward certain colors and copy on packages. The same for your consumers – this is the step before they interact with your brand. It’s no different than if you are trying to find a new mate, you better be presentable!

If you don’t have a physical product the exact same applies – for your website, your service car, etc. Wrap these bad boys in something people will remember. Stay away from the idea of being generic, produce constant brand packaging true to your identity and values from the beginning and people will remember you.

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