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There are so many things that are important to a companies success – sales, product quality, marketing, web development, customer service, etc. The list goes on and on. These are all spokes on the wheel of success. There is one thing that holds the whole wheel together though and in a sense, makes it spin. That one thing is URGENCY.

Urgency: The Department that Does Not Exist

Average companies will take 6 months to get something done while a successful one can make the right decision and get the same task done almost immediately. Sometimes a company with a sense of urgency will get that same task done in just one day. How can you generate a sense of urgency? Let me break it down in three steps:

Strong Vision

Urgency can not be taught, it must be felt. Since this is the case you need to have a great vision in place for your company so that people actually want to show up and want to work quickly. When you really think about it, how strong is your organizations vision? Do people know it? Is it an internal code, religion, core belief system, etc? Your probably not promoting it like Dana White promotes the next UFC and that is EXACTLY the level you need to be on.

Showing & Promoting Growth

Do people outside of the sales department know that the company is growing? You know that there are other metrics for growth besides the number of sales right? Examples are clients you recently worked with, internal accomplishments made by your team, new products or services you offer, etc. Sometimes as leaders it is easy to assume that everyone knows about the growth that is taking place, but they do not. They need to feel it so they can feel the urgency that successful companies feel.

Incentives, Incentives, Incentives

If you really want to get the urgency burning in your organization, come up with some creative incentives. Now, if your an average small company, you may be saying “where am I going to get extra money for that?” Even though there are incentives that are basically free, the point of an incentive is for growth, so if your employees hit their goal you should be happy to pay. One of the best ways to incentivize and align a whole organization is profit sharing. Make everyone the business owner!

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