The Powerful Effect Internal Branding has on your Business

Internal Branding Items - Don't Be Generic!

Every single one of us remembers our first job – the characters in their defined roles, the interesting (to say the least) managers and the quirky things that happened on a weekly basis. For me it, at age 14, it was a local grocery store. This grocery store happened to do the least amount of internal branding possible, both on a management communication level and on a “feeling” level with custom promotional items. You need both to create an environment your team loves.

If your employees and team members do not feel like they are a part of something they will not come across that way to your customers, they will just be average. You know what average means? It means your customers will find someone else eventually because you won’t be able to fulfill their ever increasing needs. I mentioned that there are two pieces of internal branding – one that starts with how the management communicates with employees and another that focuses on items printed with your company’s logo to produce a feeling. Today, I will focus on the second one and go over how it can have a powerful effect on your company culture.

Don’t be Generic

No one on this earth wants to work for a generic brand. Even if you pay them tons of money they will eventually feel unfulfilled. For this reason, putting your logo on products that you use around your office such as pens, t shirts, mouse pads, stickers, etc. will help your team internalize that they are indeed part of a bigger picture. Do you want to be a cool brand that makes a ton of money or a lame brand that makes a bunch of money? If you want to be a cool one, you are going to need some custom swag for your office!

We recently did away with our old business cards and made everyone poker chips with our companies name and information (we can do it for your company to – call us). This is way different than an average business card and people are actually excited to give it out when people ask that token question – where do you work? There are literally tons of cool custom items to use creatively around your office, if you need help just let us know.

The Subliminal Effect

Not being generic and customizing some items for your brand goes far beyond what you may think. Both your employees and your incoming foot traffic will unconsciously be taking in your branded logo – whether it’s from a branded pen that they are signing a transaction receipt with or simply a custom water bottle that your employees are drinking out of that has your businesses logo printed on it. The more people see your brand as they are having positive business experiences, the more you will build long term credibility.

Are you interested in designing some products for your company? We have worked with thousands of companies and have been producing high quality products since 2008, let us help you create the internal branding environment that you want. Give us a call at 1-877-287-9287, start up a chat or simply visit any one of our product pages and fill out the form!

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