The Two Questions You Need Amazing Answers for if You Want to be a Huge Brand


Every company lives under a set of values or principles. They may be defined by you or by your competitors, but either way they exist. If you are just doing the same thing as your competitors you are technically living under their value set. If you want to transcend your competition and build an lasting brand, you need a great answer to these two questions:

1. What is Our Brands Personality?

What is your brands personality?

Many people try to get all technical when talking about branding. The thing about a brand though, that we often forget, is you are the artist that is creating it.

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You define your brands personality and how you want to be viewed by the public completely. Your brands persona should carry over to your logo, your core values, your office vibe, your tone on the phone, your presentation – to everything. Most companies, unfortunately, are just doing what their competitors are doing under a different name. This happens to people too. So, how can you be unique when defining your brand to the world? Look at industries outside of your own and you may be surprised at what you find.

2. How are we Creating Value with Our Persona?

To people hear your brand?

If your brand has a great personality but no one knows about it, it is pointless. Besides, if this is the case you probably will not be in business long anyway.

Assuming you have established your brands personality, it is time to really put yourself out their by creating tons of value for your defined customer base. The value can come in all sorts of forms – blog posts, videos, good food at your restaurant, a new product, selling something that will benefit someones business, building a more usable website. I bet if you looked around your business right now you would find things that you just know do not align with your personality 100%. This is a healthy thing to do every few months.

A business is made of people – employees, team members and vendors. If you can create massive value for all three of these groups than you will win the game of branding. People will know your company (as they should).

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