These 5 Bad Habits Hurt Customer Retention & Slowly Kill Your Organization

Angry Customers

In a world where customers have endless options, how will you retain them? Heck, how will they even remember you? Avoid these 5 habits to keep your customers happy and always coming back for more.

1. You Take FOREVER to Respond to Emails

This is a very common one and it could be because you are understaffed or overworked, but it doesn’t really matter. Given how connected and fast everything else is your slow emails are making your customer / potential customers look for other organizations to fulfill their needs.

Tip: If you don’t have the answer just be honest and tell them immediately that you are waiting for it or working on it. Fill the customer in on what exactly is going on so they aren’t in the dark.

2. You Know Nothing About Your Industry

This is a very common mistake in newer B2B start up companies. They fail to train their employees and they end up knowing nothing about how the industry they are in works or what customers really expect.

Tip: Demand to know more about your industry. Do the research and watch sales fly up!

3. You Constantly Over Promise & Under Deliver

Love saying yes? That is great, if its true! Some companies love to promise you the world and tell you that anything is possible. If you are one of these organizations you need to set some boundaries and set them fast. Getting your customers excited and then letting them down is one of the worst things you can possibly do.

Tip: Be honest and set reasonable expectations! Don’t be afraid of saying no if that means staying true to your company values.

4. You Treat Them Like Every Other Customer

If your approach isn’t personalized based on the customers personality and specific needs, you are instantly less likely to get another order. Whether they would like to admit it or not, everyone loves a good connection to another person and sometimes a company. Be the missing link in your customers needs!

Tip: Ask Questions and stay away from #5 on this list. If you have a good product than retaining customers is as easy as cake.

5. You Have Your Ears Plugged While They Talk

This one is easy to forget since sometimes you feel like you have SO MUCH to say about your product and company. But really, retaining customers is about meeting their needs and it always has been. You will never know their needs if you don’t listen and listen closely.

Tip: By studying each customers needs you can build bigger orders than you ever imagined.

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