They’re Coming! Five Tips and Tools for Doctor’s Offices and Other Healthcare Establishments

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The healthcare industry is changing and with the new policies and laws from the Affordable Care Act being put into effect you could say that is becoming truer. So as a healthcare provider where do you stand? How will you stand out in service and more importantly pricing?

While many people have their different opinions about the affordable healthcare act it seems to be something that is here to stay– whether we like it or not. The fact that all will be insured by the beginning of next year (in a week! Can you believe it?) doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone is ecstatic about it. Not everyone knows which insurance company will be best for them and not everyone knows who their doctors will be.

There are a number of ways to either stand out form the crowd or give someone that peace of mind they seek.

1. Show Them What You Got

Not only do I mean what you have to offer in regards to their health. Initially you should be trying to build trust. What is it that separates you from the rest? Patients that love you. Just as with every other business word of mouth and reviews are incredibly important.

If you’re anything like me you love to shop online. The convenience of online shopping is exactly what I need and c’mon, getting things in the mail is so much fun– don’t you think? But as will all things, when shopping online I make sure to seek out reviews from any and all sites that have them.

Going to buy a new blender? I look on various websites like: Amazon, blogs, and even sometimes YouTube, seeking the pros and cons of a product. It saves me from purchasing a product that might be missing a specific feature I was looking for. Checking out a new restaurant? I always go online before I really go. You can usually find some amazing and detailed reviews of what to try and what to completely avoid.

Now, add this to your medical practice and you’re sure to get some loyal patients coming through those doors. Perhaps your office specializes in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation but also has a nutritionist and psychologist at hand or maybe your office simply offers something they potentially may not expect to find with you but are also looking for.

Go ahead, be adventurous and set up something along those lines for them. You’ll be amazed at all the nice things they probably have to say about you.

2. Make Scary Situations, Not So Scary

Going to the doctor sucks. Most people only go until they absolutely have to and even then they are dragging their feet. Dentists? Don’t even get me started.

(Fast forward to 2:15 😉 )

It’s always made to look like a horrible and scary place– but in reality it’s not so bad. Be sure to throw a little bit of chit chat in to distract from all the scary things, tell some jokes, or if you’re a Pediatrician a small candy is always helpful, if you’re a Dentist– a little extra laughing gas goes a long way. 😉 (Just kidding. Don’t do that.)

3. Be Helpful

Not only should you be treating your patients you should also be great and provide them with some tips or even outside resources to help them. If you have a patient who is overweight– maybe a few resources would be great for them. A website full of healthy meals, a gym or bootcamp, or even dishes at restaurants to try if they’d still like to eat out on occasion.

4. Be Informative

Create informational packets specifically for your patients needs. Taking an extra step can make all of the scary seem not so scary. Remember that change can be scary to some so going out of your way to provide information will be a good way to build trust.

If you are in the healthcare field you know how important it is to provide the best and most informational resources for your patients. Like I mentioned in Tip 4– recommending a website or nutritionist can be a great way to get someone started on their journey to a healthier lifestyle or a more

5. Be With Them Every Step of the Way

With that being said, not only do you want them to be well-informed you also want them to have a peace of mind. For this reason be sure you are attainable. Don’t be boring and give them a business card. Give them something they will use on a day to day basis or can use as a souvenir. A refrigerator magnet or even a water bottle with your information can be great. Give them your e-mail and be sure to answer any questions they may have promptly. Set up an online chat or messenger service to help them feel that you are reachable.

While some of these may not be groundbreaking tips– they are still good ones to keep in mind. Doctors, Nutritionists, Psychologists, Chiropractors, and others can seem scary at first, but with everyone getting health insurance soon– be sure to humanize yourself and provide a facility that they will learn to love and enjoy going to.

What do you do at your place to set you apart from the rest?

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