Tips for School Fundraisers– Custom Products and Ideas to Help You Reach Your Goal!


Is your club budget shrinking more and more? Are you finding yourself without the sufficient funds for your club or team? Is it a challenge to maintain your budget?

Herein lies the big question: Are you fundraising?

If you answered no then you are definitely doing something wrong my friend. Schools are losing budgets for many extra curricular activities and you want to make sure that your program either doesn’t get cut or can find a way to support itself.


If you are part of your school’s Theater or Dance club ( or any club, really) you know that your existing budget is probably not the best but between competitions or productions you know that money is being spent while it may not be getting replaced.

(While these suggestions will mainly mention Theater or Dance club; remember that this goes for various clubs and occasions too. )

Use your events to your advantage. Anybody that shows up to your event is more than likely both family and a supporter/friend. Have them help you achieve your next goal.

Sell products to fund-raise before during and even after your next event. By this I mean use an upcoming event as a way to leverage your cause and your need for the money.


Woohoo! You beat your in-state competition and now you are off to go to your next competition out-of-state. So much fun to be had and oh so many memories awaiting to be made. One issue i’m sure you’ve realized is that it’s not going to be something cheap. It does cost a nice chunk of change to ensure that everything is taken care of before you go. Room & board are obviously very important things that need to be taken care of– not to mention a way of travel is also needed.

Fundraising is a great way for the team to raise money as a unit; this way if the cost of the whole trip can’t be paid for to cover the whole team the individual’s cost won’t go up.

A car wash is an amazing way to raise money but it is not always something that the weather will allow. Leaving you stuck and needing a different resource for your  funds.

Selling customized products in creative ways will leave you with the ability to  raise money for your club in any setting and time! If you are having a dance recital at school or if you are at a competition trying to raise money for your next destination.


Many of those who aren’t a part of the arts usually don’t understand the amount of money that goes into theater– putting on show is the best and most exciting feeling for your club; whether you proclaim yourself a techie or an actor.

As much as you love it it surely doesn’t come cheap. Buying the rights to your next play can be expensive but it is obviously a necessity. The beauty of theater? All of the creative and (mostly) out going characters in your club.

This is such a great thing to have and having a tool like a custom product can absolutely be used to your advantage. Anything from t-shirts to wrist sweatbands can work for you in a variety of scenarios.

Between intermissions you usually have time to make some quick cash– silicone bracelets are an inexpensive product to make that can be sold for double, if not triple, what you originally paid for.

Another great way to do something like this is to create a raffle based on the tickets your attendees get. Anyone who would want to participate in the raffle would simply pay an additional dollar or two and be put into the basket. A prize can range from something made by the cast and crew or something custom made for the winner.

Any & Every Club

Fundraising can sometimes be tricky, especially when beginning with a tight budget. Any and every club can definitely benefit by getting the support of the student body. But as the saying goes: that’s easier said than done.

  • Get the popular teachers involved! As with every school there is always that teacher or even principal that all the kids seem to love and relate to. Get them involved with your fundraiser to boost the likelihood of other students participating.

Throw some pies at their face or have them dye their hair/beard pink. Keep a tally on votes with some silicone wristbands and really get the students involved with some school spirit.

  • Another great way to fund raise could be by having you school allow you to organize a dance; but not just any dance, make it themed. A 80s dance with neon wristbands or a beach themed dance with some cool sunglasses with your clubs name will be great extras to sell at these dances.
  • If your sports team is one game away from an out of city/state championship get students and family to support you early by buying exclusive foam fingers or fan wavers with your team mascot and school colors! This will serve as an awesome motivator for your team and will surely leave the competition feeling a bit intimidated.

What if I don’t have any funds? 

Go local and contact small businesses to sponsor you. Get your club together and look for as many local companies as you can reach to donate or sponsor to you. This is a great way to get started, even when your funds aren’t at all there. Sponsors and your club will both benefit from this! Just be sure to show your appreciation by letting everyone know where they came from. 🙂

Finding a company or multiple companies to donate materials will be an awesome way to get you started and hopefully make you that initial bit of money for your club.

Even if you are not a part of the drama or dance club you can also use many different forms of fundraising tactics. It is a great way for people to show their support your club. Be it by selling keychains, drawstring bags, water bottles, or even silicone wristbands. They will be happy to support you and your productions, recitals, or games.

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