Custom On It’s Best: Top 10 Giveaways for School-Related Events

As a business owner, you might have already been approached by a non-profit organization about supporting a cause. Don’t turn them away! Cause marketing can help you attract new customers that empathize with the cause and help you gain brownie points with the community.

Aside from making a regular cash donations and allowing posters to be put up in your shop, you can also help them out by supporting their fund raising events by donating giveaways. Here are some great  giveaway ideas for school-related foundations:

1. Youth Ultra Cotton Short Sleeve Tee


You can use t-shorts to raise awareness for the cause by as selling them in your store or to support your local kid’s softball team by customizing one for a uniform. It’s a great platform for a school/team logo and your company’s as well.

 2. Foam Finger Hand


Show the world your school’s sports teams are number one with these foam fingers!

3. Safety Reflective Drawstring Bags


These reflective drawsting bags are a great idea If you are sponsoring a nighttime event. You can use to store kits for event participants or place school supplies in them or care packs for disaster survivors.

4. Multifunctional Tube Bandanas


As the name implies, these lightweight and absorbent tube bandanas can be used in 10 different ways which makes them one of the most versatile giveaways on the market! Plus, there is plenty of space for your logo as well.

5. Star Shaped Custom Buttons


What we love about buttons is that they are versatile, noticeable and can be attached to almost anything – shirts, bags, bulletin boards, etc.


sticky_note_bookmark2_1 (1)

In the advent of e-readers, most of us have forgotten the joys of holding an actual book in their hands. Great for activities promoting literacy and books, this colorful bookmark can be useful for both beneficiaries and sponsors.

7. Calculatorinvisible_calculator_-_clear_see_through_design_1 (1)

You probably have a calculator app hidden somewhere in your phone but let’s face it, that takes forever to find. So here’s a handy and environmentally friendly way to do numbers – a solar invisible calculator! Great for all ages!

8.Translucent Purifying Water Bottles


You can take water bottles to the work, the gym or to outdoor activities.  It comes with a built in filter that can be used for up to 100 refills – so you can be sure that you are drinking clean water every time. There is also plenty of space to share information about the cause and your logo as well!

9. Clip Pens with Built-in Highlighter


Are you one of those people that keeps 10 different kinds of pens in your pocket at work? Decongest your pocket with a highlighter and pen in one! Choose from 6 hues that compliment your company colors.

10. 2-in-1 Spray Fans


Perfect for outdoor activities like camping, trekking or marathons,  keep it cool this summer with this handy gadget.

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