Top Promotional Product Trends in 2015

Promotional Product Trends 2015

The Biggest Trends in Promotional Items

Each year, different products gain or lose popularity among companies who make them and consumers who get promotional products. In 2015, tech and health products are understandably hot items.

Here are the top product trends and how you can make them work for your brand.

Health & wellness items

Health in general has become a huge trend and consumers can’t resist products that fit into this lifestyle. Water bottles, shaker bottles, and smoothie bottles are all popular items. Protein packets and power bars are also common giveaways. Of course, these products work best for brands that are related to health or are participating in a health-related event, like a charity run/walk.

Long sleeved t-shirts

The hot item in clothing this year is the custom long-sleeved t-shirt. Where appropriate, large lettering is popular on shirts as well, but be careful not to scare people away with an oversized logo. Perhaps save this one until the cooler months.

Cell phone accessories

This one shouldn’t be a surprise. Be it an iPhone or Android, everyone’s got a phone and always has it on hand. Customize colorful phone cases and they’ll rock your logo everywhere they go.

No one enjoys the feeling of a dying phone. Portable chargers and custom wall ports for chargers are essential. You could even customize headphones, because we how often those get lost.

Stand out with custom kits

It’s important for your customized item to fit your target audience and your brand. If your thing is golfing, create a custom kit to stand out. Include sunglasses, first aid kit and golf bags to complete the set.

All about fitness? Offer a reusable water bottle, a power bar and a yoga mat bag.This kind of kit would work well for the fun run/walk mentioned earlier. If your target includes the outdoorsy type, customize a Frisbee, bandana and sunglasses. You can get creative with these.

Don’t forget about the details

Consumers are looking for products that resemble items they’d find in retail stores. You can spring for brand-name items, or you can simply give it the brand-name feel by selecting the right style items and using the right colors. Bonus points for retail details on the packaging, when applicable.

These are the hottest customized product trends for the year. Whatever your industry or your budget, you can give the people what they want.

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