Top Tips to Make Your Tradeshow Booth Amazing

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Tradeshows and expos are a great way to get your business out there, attracting new customers and letting old clients know what you are doing. These types of events tend to be very busy and with so many booths and exhibits to look at, how do you ensure that people pay attention to yours? The answer is to make your booth look amazing and attract visitors by following our tips.

Be Unique

Setting up your tradeshow booth and making it look appealing is just one element of a successful event, however it is very important. Your design needs to speak about your business, while encouraging people not just to glance at the booth and continue on their way, but stay for a while and learn more. Try to focus on what makes your business or product unique and using that to inspire the elements of your stand. Your backdrop should use texture and color draw the eye and entice people to come closer . Technology to make your booth into a more exciting place for visitors to be. Touchscreen devices can be a big hit and provide a modern way for potential clients to learn about you while creating a buzz around your stand.

Staff with Spark

To make a real impact on tradeshow visitors, you need to communicate and educate them effectively, and for this you need to choose the right staff members to do the job. Not only should the person who is “front of house” at your tradeshow booth be someone who knows your product inside out, but also someone who is outgoing and not afraid to engage strangers in discussion. A smile, open body language and the right attitude will go a long way to making your booth a success.

Make It Fun

Adding an extra level of fun to your trade show booth will keep you one step ahead of your competitors and make sure that people want to stop by and learn more. Contests and raffles are a great way to grab attention, as are demonstrations relating to your product or service. Some examples that we’ve seen in practice, which could serve as inspiration :

– a bakery tradeshow exhibitor demonstrating cupcake decoration

– a sports kit supplier challenging visitors to score a goal in their net

– a cosmetics company giving mini-makeovers

Create Comfort

Creating a comfortable zone within your booth will increase the time that potential clients spend with you and will make you more memorable. A simple yet neat social area where you can serve tea or coffee and chat with people, makes a perfect space for networking and closing deals that your make on the day.

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