Two Products That Will Gain You More Visitors at Your Informational Booths (College Fair, Raising Awareness)

custom products for informational booths

You know that feeling of walking into a informational convention, like a college fair or festival, and how they can sometimes be overwhelming because of all of the booths and information being thrown at you? As you walk around you look for signs of what a booth may be all about and whether or not you want to even find out.

When it comes to the events that include, informational booths, and even career fairs it is important that as a consumer and as a host you know that you are being portrayed properly and clearly. After all isn’t the point at presenting your business or services at this type of event to gain potential customers and network with people that help your business or vice versa?

Well in order to even grasp attention to your booth you must be seen! So many booth organizers forget that a simple table cloth or small sign will suffice. That is so not the case!

I want you to visualize any time that you, yourself, have attended one of these events—what caught your attention?

It’s all in the presentation folks and you need to make sure the way you present your brand or company is absolutely essential!

Grab Some Attention!

By that, I don’t mean ‘put on a chicken suit and wave a banner left and right until someone approaches you, because let’s face it that would probably be a bit counter productive. Rather than make a fool of yourself you can create a gorgeous table cover that will grasp the attention of all passers-by.

Table Covers are simple yet effective! Three style choices will allow you to choose the product that will work best for your usual events; whether those happen indoor or outdoor we’ve got you covered! 🙂

Another incredibly visual product that we offer are balloons! No, not just your old run of the mill balloons but balloons that will definitely catch some attention.

Jumbo Balloons are available in 2ft and 3ft sizes. They are much larger than your average balloon allowing them to definitely pack a punch and be seen from miles– well maybe booths away. They are a great way to show off your logo clearly.

Booth visitors are sure to know or have a pretty good idea of what it is you offer easily and conveniently. See, that wasn’t so hard was it? These two products are going to make a great difference for you at your next event.

Simple changes and additions such as these will be easy ways to attract potential customers and once you have them there to visit you– make sure you offer them valuable information that will leave you looking like a solid source for information or a service!

Finally, something every booth needs; branded swag to giveaway! Think outside of the box and stop giving away pens at your booths— seriously everyone loses those more often than not and they are so not creative! No one will leave that day remembering you if you offer the exact same thing 30 other booths gave away.

Simple steps and changes can go a long way into helping you gain more curious and involved consumers and will allow you to make a memorable first impression— and we all know how important those are don’t we? 😉

Need custom branding items for your organization? Get started here.

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