Why Mylar Foil Balloons May Suit You Better Than Latex Balloons

Latex balloons are the go-to balloons and customized they are even better. They are a great product if you are looking to hold a short event. As the day goes by the latex balloons will begin to slowly lose the helium as they only last between 18-24 hours on average. If you are looking to hold an event that will require something with a longer life span you may want to consider diversifying your options and look into using a Mylar or “Foil” balloon!
Although latex balloons are the favorite and more widely used balloons, what is lesser known is that latex balloons are made from a natural latex material causing people with a latex allergy to have a reaction. Severity of reactions range from person to person as well as the amount exposure to the latex. Many people look to Mylar balloons as a great alternative to this product.
Balloons are a fantastic promotional tool for grand opening events, giveaways, as well as parties. Choosing the right customizable balloon to suit your event will be easy once you learn all of the benefits there are to using Mylar balloons! Mylar balloons offer a few more options of balloon shapes outside of your normal “egg shaped” latex balloon. A shinier more captivating color and reflection will also leave you quite impressed with Mylar balloons.
For those of you who may not know what I am talking about– Mylar balloons are those shiny printed balloons that come in a variety of fun shapes, sizes, and colors. These balloons tend to have a much longer life compared to that of a latex balloon. The average float time for an 18” balloon is about 1-2 weeks depending on the method of inflation as well as the surroundings of the balloon i.e hot temperatures, controlled temperatures, or cold temperature. These balloons are an engaging alternative to the latex balloons; Mylar balloons have a much nicer appeal to the eye, as the material they are made of does have a glossy finish, which will attract your audience, clients, or guests. Finally a very attractive fact about Mylar balloons is that they have a longer life-span when being used and are also 100% reusable (just remember to dispose of them properly before you throw them away as they are not biodegradable).


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