Why the Colors you Choose for your Logo are Important

Did you know 93% of purchasing judgements are made on visual perceptions?

There is a good amount of psychology behind colors when it comes to your logo. Based on the colors you end up choosing it can completely change a consumers view of your brand. This is why its important to layout the feel of your brand before deciding on logo colors.

Should your Logo be Calming or Energizing?

That is the difference between using blue or red in your logo. Blue is a calming color and relaxes people while red excites and energizes. It’s no surprise that McDonalds uses red and yellow to quickly grab your attention to make an impulse purchase while walmart uses shades of blue to keep you in their store as long as possible. They know the longer you are in, the more you will spend.

To get an idea of how colors might be affecting your branding efforts, view the below graphic from CoulorFast!
The Psychology Behind Logo Designs by Colourfast

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