Why We Love Custom Mouse pads ( And You Should Too!)

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If you’re browsing around you probably are curious to know. What’s so great about custom mouse pads? Why should I even consider spending money on them? 

Let me tell you why we love them and after you’ve finished reading this article you will too. Just don’t kick yourself for not having considered them sooner. We understand. It’s a tricky promotional products world out there and I am here to steer you in the right direction.

Mouse Pads — Practicality 

Let’s just start out with the obvious; mouse pads are useful, especially in this day and age. We use computers and technology on a daily basis. Meaning we all probably use a mouse 9 times out of 10. Mouse pads are a practical and useful product that we use everyday.

Some Choices and Why They Are Great

We love mouse pads. We really do. I know that sounds a bit weird but there are so many different types of  them out there that it’s hard not to get excited. The best thing about a mouse pads is that they aren’t all the same. The different varieties makes it so they can be more unique to your area of business.

Paper Calendar Mouse pads 


 Two is better than one, right? This mouse pad is just that, doubly awesome. Serving a dual purpose of being not only a mouse pad but a paper calendar as well. Your future prospects or even current loyal customers will largely benefit from a cool tool like this one.

They are a really unique addition for any marketing campaign.They will easily display your information and then some for them to see (and hopefully use). They can put it in their office or even at their home computer. You can rest assured that they will constantly have your brand in mind. We love it. You’ll love it. They will love it.

Custom Picture Frame Mouse Pads


 A great giveaway for a family businessman (or woman, girl power!) These mouse pads with picture frames will be a great giveaway for someone that works at an office all day or simply wants somewhere to place a picture of their favorite pet or a funny family picture from the vacation they just took.

Consider things like who will be on the receiving end of these mouse pads with your logo.

Remember one thing & let’s be honest here: They don’t care about your company— but if you can give them something that will benefit them in a nice way but will also benefit you on your end of the deal. Add a nice quote or a great picture that represents your business along with the general contact info and website. Voila! A brand spanking new prospect or even a slightly more invested client. Win-Win!

Mouse pads = Happier Customers

fabric_surface_rectangle_mousepad_4 fabric_round_mouse_pad_2

Think about it. Another reason we LOVE mouse pads here at Custom On It is that they are an easy way to communicate to your customers. They can tell a quick story- a story that will stay with them for time to come. I mean how often do you replace your mouse pad? Not often, right? This means that if the design you have in mind for your mouse pad is unique and attention grabbing there is a good chance that this will be kept on their desks for a long time to come. Be it a regular mouse pad, a circular one for added flair, or even one that fights off germs, yep, those exist too, mouse pads are a great choice for your business.

What makes you so sure my client will like them? 

The name of the game is promotional giveaways and if you’re competitive you know you want to win! Again, custom products that are not so impressive get overlooked often. Just like a product that might preform well for a real estate agency might not be the best choice for a fitness studio. But with differences come similarities.

Similarities; by this I mean products that will preform well in various scenarios and for a large number of businesses. All you have to do is make sure you stand out from the crowd.

What’s so special about your design that will make it stand out from the rest? Have you added your unique and awesome logo? Have you added a nice eye-catching background or a motivating quote? 

What mouse pad have you chosen to personalize? Will the mouse pad you’ve chosen be a good fit for the audience you are trying to reach? 

Think about these questions and see if the answer you give yourself is one that will leave you convinced. If you were to receive the mouse pad you designed, would you love it?

Mouse pads are a blank surface for you to completely make your own. They can be made to specifically fit your niche. We love mouse pads so much the entire team here at Custom On It has branded mouse pads with our logo and a kick-ass full color photo of Las Vegas Blvd because we are a business based out of Las Vegas.

These Mouse Pads are Boss Approved

Making a presentation to your boss on your need of additional marketing funds? Your boss probably always cringes a bit whenever you ask for a bit more on your budget but our mouse pads are definitely budget friendly but maintain a very high quality nonetheless.

We don’t skimp on the quality of the mouse mats but we do offer great bulk and wholesale prices. Not only are the quality products and inexpensive they also pack a big punch when it comes to making an impression with customers and future clients as well.  Any boss is sure to add their stamp of approval to that. 😉

In Their Face!

Lastly, we love mouse pads for your business because they allow you to be present every single day. They serve as a great reminder of your business on a daily basis; whether you provide a product or service that is useful to them they will keep your brand and message in mind everyday as they work. They are a great tool that a vast amount of businesses can benefit from.

Do you love custom mouse pads as much as we do? What are you planning to use them for?

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