Winter Beanies: A Kozy Custom Item to Represent your Brand

winter beanie customized

Of all the winter items we have available to customize, our winter beanies are by far one of the most popular. They are great as a corporate gift to your employees and also as a branding message for just about any scenario!

custom winter beanie folded down

Folded Up or Down?

Our embroidered beanies are available in a couple different styles. You can either have them folded up or down depending on your preference. The folded down version (shown above) is a lot more popular and there is no change in price between the two.

This Winter Hat makes your Brand more Fashionable!

Not only will all your team members and raving fan customers love your new beanies but they will also wear them around with confidence. When it gets cold outside, it can be tough to dig through all of last years winter clothes. Giving the people associated with your company a gift like this says a lot about how cool your brand is.

Awesome for Schools & Sports Teams

Aside from using these as a branding tool for your business, they also work great at schools. You can sell them in the spirit shop and usually make a really good profit, especially if you put some time into the design. A good way to boost sales on items like these and our winter headbands is to give them to your athletes for free. If you are a high school or college, your student base will follow what they see the team they are rooting for wearing!

Free Digital Proof & Shipping

If you are interested in choosing us as your supplier for embroidered or printed beanies, we can offer you free shipping and no set up fees on all orders shipping to the US. If you are ready to get started call us 1-877-287-9287 or send us your artwork online today!


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