Winter Promotional Products That Heat Up Sales

winter promotional products

Looking for ways to heat up sales this winter?

For many businesses, things “ice over” when it gets a bit chillier outside.

Promoting your business using winter promotional items – especially when they tie into this time of year – is a great way to gain positive advertising exposure.

Below are three great promos for the upcoming, cold, winter season!

Touch Screen Gloves – Winter Promotional Product #1

custom texting winter gloves

It’s cold outside, but your fingers got work to do. They’re out there swiping commuter passes on dark, cold mornings, shoveling snow, and holding on to steaming lattes. They deserve some protection from the biting air.

And don’t forget texting. You need to text. And check Google Maps. And snap photos of the snow. For that, you’ll need some touch-screen-friendly gloves. They manage to keep out the chill and let you get a handle on your phone.

These are a very useful winter accessory that could be worn daily to brave the cold. What an excellent way to showcase your logo!


Winter Hats/Beanies – Winter Promotional Product #2

custom beanie hatThe beanie hat – where did it come from? It dates back to the early 1900’s. These warm hats became very popular with blue collar workers who wore them not only to keep their head warm, but to keep their hair out of the way. Today you can get them either with or without brims. It’s winter’s fashion statement for the head.

A warm hat is an essential for cold winters! There’s nothing worse than cold ears! During the winter, a regular hat just won’t get the job done.

Our beanies are made from acrylic yarn that still has a soft and comfortable feel that is great for all outdoor events where you can show off your logo.



Scarves – Winter Promotional Product #3

custom winter scarvesIf you’ve ever left your house on a frigid day without a scarf, you’ve learned this lesson the hard way: Protect the neck.

There are two main reasons why you should be wearing a scarf. The first being the most obvious, they’re warm. It’s a great layer of warmth for your neck, especially in places where it’s windy. I’m going to assume you don’t wear a turtleneck everyday, and even coats, when zipped all the way up, don’t fully protect and cover your neck. A scarf fills that gap nicely.

Second reason you should wear a scarf is because they’re pretty dang stylish. There’s a good chance that your winter coat is black, brown, or some other solid color. Same with your hat. What a scarf can add is pattern, texture, bold color, and another layer. All of those things are good when it generally comes to the dull colors of winter. A scarf will act as the center piece of your outerwear.

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